About Us

DENGE is an automotive parts manufacturer and supplier located in Istanbul, Turkey.

Though, our main product lines are electrical and mechanical parts, we can supply other required parts for our customers through our wide international network of suppliers.

Our strength comes from our custom design capabilitiy and production capablities and as above mentioned from our supply network. Both our production and supply organizations are flexible enough to manufacture and deliver any volumes. In other words, we can deliver any amount of products in the required time with no order restrictions. Branding and packing are decided by and with our customers.

All quality dimensions regarding products we supply are all assured.

We provide cost-effective solutions for our esteemed customers when the productivity is essential.

We will be there for you as a trustworthy supplier when you need comprehension ; communication ; research and service.

Our Vision

To become a ;



-constantly growing

-lucrative establishment

Our Mission

To become a ;



-preferred supplier